Are you exhausted from working long hours?
Are you barely making enough money to meet your expenses?
Are you constantly facing the same challenges over and over?
Are you struggling against a tight economy?
Are you Spiritual Entrepreneur tired of  meager results?


You Are About to Discover
Essential Keys to Boost Your Heart-Centered Business
from Surviving to Thriving Today!


 Fellow Spiritual Entrepreneur,

  • Are you ready to attract lucrative clients who want to pay you what you’re worth?
  • Do you want clients that seek you out and recommend you to all of their friends that allows you to earn more money in less time?
  • Is it time that you regain the passion of sharing your gifts by gaining clarity around how to effectively promote your business with ease and grace?

Revs. Anita Pizycki CA, and Jamie L. Saloff C.M., once struggled against these same difficulties and know firsthand what it’s like (we’ve both been there.) We had to make trade offs in order to make ends meet. We’re both spiritual people longing to help others, longing to offer healing, spiritual insights, and other wisdom tools to others in need. But we are also living in a material world where bills call out to be paid, cars break down, appliances need repaired or replaced. We constantly had to bow to the material world and leave our hearts and the spiritual world on the hold.

Since then, we have studied with some of the top Internet and social media gurus, learning how to move our businesses from surviving to thriving.

We put our heads together and identified the keys we wished we would have had years earlier when we began our businesses. Together, with a combined knowledge base spanning over twenty years in business, the healing arts, and in marketing, we put together a fast-paced seminar designed to kick start your heart-centered business with more clients, more income, and more free time to be you–the you that you were called to be.

We bring you the best of the best of the marketing tricks and tools so that you can quickly implement them into your own heart-centered, metaphysical business.

Introducing the Metaphysical Marketing Mastery Program



Here is what you get:
  • Over 10 hours of recorded training which covers 6 weekly courses
  • A Workbook to learn, track your progress and grow your business
  • Suggested exercises after each course to vastly improve your chance of success
  • A private MMM participants webpage with additional training resources, including videos, handouts, and a valuable on-line Rolodex of recommended websites so you can easily find all the technology needed to efficiently market your business as taught in this course.
“The material that was provided in this seminar was equal to three seminars. The information was insightful and presented in a format that I can continue to reference. Both Anita and Jamie are gifted and generous teachers.”

Kim Depole, CEO Kim Depole Designs; New York, NY

Here is what you will learn:
  • Proven business practices for starting and growing your business
  • Create products and programs that people will buy
  • Infuse your business with a thriving mindset
  • The five pages (and the secret item) your website must have to attract clients fast
  • What and why people buy in a down economy
  • Fast facts to make social media work for you
  • Craft a marketing message that attracts your ideal client
  • Simple strategies with effective metaphysical practices to transform your earnings
  • Online and offline strategies to grow your business
  • Increase spirit-inspired actions into your business
  • Turn Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In into client-getting machines
  • Publish that book or e-book you’ve felt called to write, and use it as a business building tool
  • Easily blend this all together as finely-tuned, time-saving, money-making system
What our customers are saying:
“The class has been helpful to me in changing my orientation from a freelancer to that of a business owner. Based on what I learned in the first class, I created my elevator speech, sent out a sales email to my list, and was able to form a therapy group with paid clients.”

Steve Imbornoni, Licensed Psychologist & Altered States Transpersonal Hypnotherapist;
University Hts., OH

“This class has helped me realize that I was already further along than I thought in some areas. It has also brought clarity to those areas which still need work. It’s a process… it will take time to integrate all I learned, but I certainly have a new awareness of which areas I need to focus on and feel the class has been beneficial for me because I am much clearer now about what my niche market is. The spirit inspired action journal helps me remember the insights that come and assists me with getting them implemented. I have so many wonderful resources now that I didn’t have before. I am better for having taken this class.”

Kristine Morton, Certified Regression Therapist; Westminister, CO,

“Anita and Jamie’s Metaphysical Marketing Mastery class for me was a fantastic introduction to how I can market my spiritual practice through the internet. Healing is global. To reach as many people as possible, we need to have Social Media savvy. I learned some great techniques and tools for being available online. Thank you both for the practical and appropriate methods of appealing to the target audience.”

Rev. Jeff Dragon Star, Medium and Healer;  Toronto, ON

“Anita and Jamie are amazing and poised presenters who are an experts in the field of marketing. The presentation caters to individuals in all levels of business implementation and marketing. Their program is streamlined, to the point and covers all the necessary steps to get your business on the internet. The resource page alone is worth the investment. They have the ability to communicate with all the group no matter where people are in business development. I highly recommend them, it will move your business forward.”
Jinger Rausch, Certified Image Consultant(AICI) and OMC Ordained Ministerial Counselor
Plano, TX,
Class Topics:

Class 1, Getting Started – Decisions you need to make now that are vital for your business to thrive

Class 2, Client Attraction FunnelEven with a single product, you can earn as much as $10,000…

Class 3, Your Target Market –  Identify your ideal lucrative target market  and brainstorm products and services of interest to your clients

Class 4, Online Promotion – 10 tips you should know before promoting your product or service on the web

Class 5, Time Management – Save hours of time and effort while managing your social media networks

Class 6, Pulling it all together – Harmonize it all into an income-expanding, heart-based business you’ll love to own.

PLUS You will receive over $594. in Free Gifts!


We Take All the Risks
You Get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee



Your Hosts

Rev. Anita Pizycki C.A., is a Chartered Accountant and Spiritual Business Coach. She has coached hundreds of people to make more money in less time while having a richly balanced life. Anita is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy , an intuitive, healer, teacher, and speaker. She is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Spiritual Entrepreneurs ( She is a featured author in the book “Smart Women Live Their Why”.


Rev. Jamie L. Saloff C.M., “the Author’s Prophet” is an intuitive publishing professional assisting healers, readers, alternative health practitioners, and other spiritually-minded professionals and business owners desiring to create Profitable Print Products. With more than twenty years in the publishing field, she has helped countless authors publish their way toward purpose and prosperity. A graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, Jamie is also a healer and intuitive, offering insightful services designed to guide the would-be author toward their deepest heart’s calling. She is the author of five books including: Transformational Healing, Prayer Superchargers, The Wisdom of Emotional Healing, and Peace, Love, Growth, and Prosperity (coming in 2013).

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